Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The New Scarlet Witch Retcon

I saw it today and wow...that's just shocking. 

I know I made a post saying how much I preferred some of the Marvel movies (not X-Men/FF/Spiderman) canon to comics, at least in some respects. But this is pointless. Because of right issues Avengers can't say Wanda and her brother are Magentos' kids or mutants. Well now their neither. What the hell?


  1. Who knows what the heck is going on with Wanda and Pietro anymore? If it was such a hassle, why are they even in the new movie? Does their appearance really make that big of a difference?

    Now that Wanda is evil again, in Axis, or whatever it is called, she claims that she's not Magneto's daughter because her evil spell didn't kill him...or something.


  2. Maybe they can retcon that because of her wording. But you'd think that after all these years--especially with their desire to learn the truth and hearing they had a sister--they'd get a DNA test.

  3. Crazy idea I know but it might work!