Sunday, December 14, 2014

Well tell him that you care

While I appreciate the context of the panels above it does tick me off that Bruce just suppresses how he feels after Jason comes back. Like he doesn't know how to react. At first it's denial because much like his parents he's accepted Jason died. Then after UTH happens he makes a nasty comment although Ollie knows he doesn't mean it. When someone else makes a jab--again Ollie--he gets defensive and points out the other mans' shortcomings with Roy. Then in Batwoman he's back at making hurtful comments about Jason, which is either before or after he gets Jason to join Batman INC. All these emotions he has to deal with and I keep thinking this is why I struggle with the idea of Bruce mourning Damian. Writing-wise it just seems like an attempt to try the same thing again and it can't match up. Not 20 years worth of stories which make this something that stood out. They should have just kept Damian alive in the first place.

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