Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Scarlet Spiders #2

Part 2 of 3. Which was better than last issue...

I'm both amused and exasperated that Ben and Kaine are just winging it throughout this. They had a plan but end up changing it several times for various reasons. 17 year old Jessica is the only one that knows what she's doing and if she hadn't come along nothing would have gotten done. There's more narration boxes that continue to have mixed results on whether they work or not. This issue focuses on Kaine and suggests he uses his suit to disappear most of the time because of how he feels about himself. While a good concept it's not one I can see Kaine doing--at least as much as it claims. Yes he broods but he also takes care of a girl that wouldn't let him get away with that around her. Not that this series has even acknowledged her or his team that he'd be worried sick over.

The only way I buy Kaine being calm is Bens' presence which still hasn't commented on their past together (in their respective worlds.) That's remains the biggest problem, there simply isn't enough character interaction beyond them doing things on a mission. No real bonding the closest thing is Ben making jokes. Neither remark that their creator is involved in the cloning process. Sure he's not in Jackal mode but they both knew what he looked like. I did wonder why the villains of Spiderverse didn't just chow down on some clones Jackal created in this world. We're told that their essence doesn't develop like the other totems which means they can't be feed off of. How does that work? They all have spider powered DNA, is the essence the soul? Well the stars are all clones and one of the big bads tried to do that with Kaine.

Ben himself remains likable and has some funny moments. There was more focus on Kaine and I liked how pissed off he got over the mutated clones. The shot of his reflect was a nice bit of storytelling through the art. I especially liked three panels. Ben saying he knows it looks strange when he's changing out of the Ironman armor and Kaine is in the midst of going into stealth. Kaine snatching the web ball Ben was juggling--which just works so well for their character. And how the two of them ask for Warren to take them into the lab which sums up their personalities.

An improvement but still not quite there since there's no bonding.

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