Thursday, June 4, 2015

All New Marvel and Star Wars

Star Wars: No spoilers here but that "big canon changing reveal" in the recent issue? I'm not upset like some are because a.) it hasn't even been fully explained yet and b.) I'm having difficulty seeing these comics as canon at the moment. We'll see if that changes after I get the trade.

All New Marvel: I don't care about anything besides what happens to MC2 characters, Kaine, and the spider marriage. So far nothing has hinted at any of these surfacing after Secret Wars. Until one or more shows up I don't have any interest in the main Marvel Universe.


  1. Yeah...can't get too excited about the Secret Wars thing any more than I did about DC. Seems like a big mishmash, and at the end of it...we will all more or less be back to where we started.

  2. Yeah even the Spider-Girl back up stories have me wary because editorial is enforcing changes.