Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Digital Sales?

I normally don't like looking at sales, it worries me because most of the series I get aren't big names. But I look at DC Top Seller lists every once in a while out of curiosity. Now digital sales numbers aren't counted when the lists of all best selling comics comes out. How or if that is taken into account isn't too clear nor is the total sales. Still I found this list when I looked today:
  1. Injustice Gods Amoung Us Year Four #6
  2. Batman #41
  3. Red Hood/Arsenal #1
  4. Detective Comics #41
  5. Injustice Gods Amoung Us Year Four #5
  6. New Suicide Squad #9
  7. Gotham Academy #7
  8. Harley Quinn #17
  9. Action Comics #41
  10. Mortal Kombat #24

By the way none of these were numbered but this is the order they appeared on the top of the list. Underneath that were older issues like Batman and Robin which might have sold well with the recent sales. These don't include any of the new comics released this week--yet--so maybe it works on a delay? I was happily surprised to see RHA so high up since it wasn't on that high up last I looked. If this list is accurate it's impressive since Batman and Injustice have been the best sellers for awhile.

I knew Harley Quinn was doing well but not NSS, and I'm always happy to note Gotham Academy is doing good.


  1. Holy #### those are AWESOME NEWS!

    Granted, every book will have considerable sales for their first issue but still.

    NSS being so hard explains why they keep the current direction. shame since I've found it extremely lacking.

  2. I am a little unsure how accurate it is, when it updates, etc. That said the others listed don't surprise me. I'm wondering if more people tried it because Kori is gone or they liked the Sneak Peek enough to get it.

    I figure anything with Harley Quinn sells.

  3. Yeah, I'm sure it won't be something lasting but I'll take any victory no matter how small or short lived is. Removing Kori certainly got a lot of people interested on it, specially with how popular the dynamic between Jason and Roy is.

    I'll never understand Harley's popularity.

  4. I put the link up if you want to see it. Yeah I do recall a lot of people wanting to see the guys as more street level although I hope they still take on everything. And meet up with Crux again, I liked Simon.

    I don't hate her or love her. Harley is just around. I think the abusive relationship with Joker kept me from wanting to see more of her. It bothered me when they kept getting back together. Although the rumors for the SS movie are interesting if their true.