Thursday, June 11, 2015

Reading List

What I'm getting:
  • Red Hood/Arsenal-A great start that was a lot of fun and pretty touching. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes now that the editor is letting the stories be done in one shots.
  • Gotham Academy-Still incredible. So much is being fleshed out and adding to the history of Gotham. It has yet to disappoint.
  • Doomed-The Sneak Peek solid me on this so I'll try an arc. I was interested in Dr. Fate too but then I remembered how much I loathed Worlds Finest. I'll see how that sounds before I look into it.
  • We Are Robin-Honestly even if this book is amazing I'm only getting issue one thanks to the price jump it has starting on #2. If its good I might trade wait.
  • Green Lantern Lost Army-It was a last minute choice since I haven't read a GL book in a while and it has an interesting premise. I might trade wait after this issue but I'm curious how Guy fits into this.
  • Princess Leia-There's one more issue in this mini series that's been more than a little disappointing. It doesn't have the epic feel of other Star Wars books and the characterization has been off.  

  • Batman Beyond-I regretted ordering this as soon as I did but hoped there was some redeeming qualities. Sadly it's what I figured so there's no point in continuing. 

Unless Doomed stays on the list or a mini series I'm interested in comes out I'll be back to just two steady titles. I'm also getting the TPBs for RHATO, Gotham Academy and Batman Second Chances.


  1. For some reason I completely forgot to pick up Gotham Academy, and I must do this next week.

    Green Lantern has me all atwitter, because Guy IS going to be in it, as well he should. Not sure exactly how yet...but I'm sure it will be epic.

    I hope.

  2. I have a feeling you'll love it. This issue is different than the others for a reason.

    From what I heard it doesn't sound like their explaining much with the GL book so hopefully we'll get some answers here. Or at least how Guy is with them when he wasn't in the Sneak Peek.

  3. September's theme for the variants is Green Lantern

    Now I'm legitimately mad at Red Hood/Arsenal being ignored AGAIN. And to rub salt in the wound, Starfire does get a variant. What the hell DC?

  4. I think it was ignored for every variant except the first Bombshell which was a Starfire cover. It is annoying and in my opinion bad marketing. All it says to me is that the higher ups only want to promote their already popular books and titles with big name creative teams.

    Not surprising but still disappointing.

  5. Yeah, that Bombshell cover was the only variant RHATO ever got. At least now we're getting incentive variants.

    Still, for all the circus about DC YOU thay're still awful at playing favoritisms.

  6. They always have been.

    Which makes the talk of them saying Jason is an important/pivotal character seem a little off. Out of all the bat kids Jason is currently getting the least amount of attention. The only one that never gets these variants and wasn't in the DC YOU videos.