Monday, June 8, 2015

Short Review: Convergence Batgirl #2

After last issue I didn't have much interest in reading this one but here we go.


I appreciate the fact Stephanie is in character for this and we get her reluctance. I could buy Cassandra not fairing too well in the fight since Grodd has metal powers. Anyway Catman IS her  opponent that she's supposed to fight. Grodd just got teleported along because he was in the middle of fighting him. Steph wins because she gets Catman to surrender to prevent all of them from being killed. Since all of his friends were killed he doesn't mind.

Stephanie admits that she's sure the other Batgirls would have handled themselves better but knows they couldn't have beaten Grodd. So this is a win for her.

The Stephanie/Tim romance gets explored as we find out they got together...then Tim stopped talking to her when she's quit being Batgirl. Because he didn't know what to say. Actually he's pretty jerky about it then turns it around like maybe he'll date her again if she wants. She doesn't react to this. Later on Cassandra cuts through the bull as she sees they still want each other. Tim and Stephanie prepare to finally have sex--only to stop because their still bruised from the mission. Still it's the closest pre-Flashpoint Tim Drake ever came to being intimate (sorry I never saw him sitting on a bed with Cass meaning anything more than friends talking.)

Overall: I liked this issue more than last. If pressed to pick who my favorite Batgirl is my answer would be Cassandra. That doesn't mean I don't like Stephanie she was just a different Batgirl. I liked how that was explored here. It was nice seeing Cassandra and getting a happy ending for all of these characters.

Say What?: Catman insinuates Grodd has a small *ahem* which the gorilla claims is a lie. Not to be crass but can't they tell aince he doesn't wear any pants?

Questions Raised?: How are these three able to be together at the end of Convergence if their this injured?

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