Saturday, June 20, 2015

Not gonna lie I'm kinda mad

I'm not going to get into it (at least the current one that angers me) but certain interpretations piss me off. Some to the point I get annoyed when I just see anything that reminds me of them. Only a couple of series have gotten me that furious with FKATJL and ICBINTJL (which I count as one story) being the first. It was a while before I could vent that one and doing so felt good.

I'm not a fan writing out of character moments and having characters knocked around by other heroes to force a storyline. It doesn't matter if it's just verbally or done for humor sake. It's making the others bullies that I find it hard to root for. We're supposed to feel for Ted because he had a heart problem but he was constantly mocking Booster. All of his friends did the same. This made it very hard for me to read through. Giffin/DeMatteis cut back some when they wrote Booster Gold, at least at making him the idiot others were still off and acted awfully. Since JL3001 is supposed to be the same group from the minis I've steered clear. There's no point in getting annoyed over it if I can avoid it which is what I'm trying to do with another series that ticked me off.

Still just knowing the same writer is using the same character again gets me annoyed.


  1. I have only been reading JL3001 sporadically, mainly in the hopes that it will get better... but yes,I see your point.

  2. I don't know if the quality has changed but's hard to trust writers after past work.