Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Short Review: Batman Beyond #1

This was something I randomly picked up to ship with my Leia comic so I wouldn't be paying shipping prices for just one comic.


It's about what I expected given the situation. The future Terry was trying to prevent still sucks and Terrys' loved ones aren't sure about Tim. He tries to break into a prison camp only to get the suit shorted. Walking in with the prisoners he meets Max and Barbara Gordon.

Overall: No offense to Jurgens but this book gets a big no from me. Everything is bleak and Tim comes off pretty boring. Having Matt know his brother is Batman would have worked better with Terry actually being alive instead of talking to his replacement. There are things from the show but this is pretty much Batman Beyond in name only. If people want Tim Drake to have a book write one with him as Red Robin. I know this connects with Futures End but did it need to go on this long?

Say What?: Terry and Matts' mom is missing with Nora acting as someone to watch Matt.

Is Matt upset that Terry is dead or that he didn't get the suit? Either way the suit is too big for him. 

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