Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Batman Arkham Knight

No real spoilers but just in case it's hidden.

I skimmed the spoilers and I'm more than a little confused because I thought Scott Snyder invented a new character for this. Also...did we really need MORE aghast? At least use someone else. Not a direction I want in normal Batman canon especially since it already happened in Batman Beyond.


  1. Rocksteady kept saying that AK was a totally brand new character so yeah, the reveal was quite underwhelming. It doesn't help that the game story has plenty of strong individual moments but as whole, the plot is absurd and contrived.

    Guess I should be happy at the exposure though

  2. Yeah it's very underwhelming and everyone knew before they even claimed it was a new character. I remember lots of people calling it right off the bat. It's not an original idea.

    I guess. I try to be positive but this stills sucks.