Saturday, June 6, 2015

Convergence #6, 7 and 8

Okay time to finish my review on this series.



The new 52 heroes join in apparently when Guy was still a Red Lantern. Not sure why or what all the Oans are still around since they don't look like Kyles' group. If their from another world then wouldn't they be on that planet in the cities? Deimos wants to lead them to all their death to create a new universe. Uh, then why tell everyone to shut up and listen him? Because he knows their do whatever they want? I'm not sure if I missed pages since a fight breaks out with the Extremists acting like it was it was under an order to keep themselves alive. Except Deimos has different orders than Telos and he never said they had to kill each other. Just pledge loyalty and he even let them have an hour to decide. How do they know who won't worship him?

We FINALLY get some bonding between heroes from other worlds in this book. It's actually the most enjoyable part of the series. Pre-Flashpoint Superman gets everyone to look for more help and gets Earth 2 Dick Grayson to search for Telos. This works as Dick appeals to Telos as a family man and gets him to realize the power he has. The heroes all charge Deimos while those that chose to follow Deimos join in.

Did You Notice?: Roy isn't with Lian so who is? 

Barry Allen doesn't have blond hair.

Huntress (no idea which) was on the bad guy side why?

Stephanie has red hair in one page.


The new 52 heroes are still trying to figure out what to do and for some reason Guy is a GL despite being a red last issue and still commanding the RL. Back on the planet Telos joins the fight against Deimos. Parallax Hal wants to stop the fighting because he's sick of being trapped. Thanks for staying true to form Hal. More fighting with Yolanda realizing Deimos is afraid of Telos and Hal deciding to do something. Only he ended up messing with the timeline by destroying Deimos. Oops.

True to form Hal.


Yeah, Hal doesn't give a shit because he was bored. Naturally no one trusts him so they try to look for other options. Booster Rider (who doesn't retain the design from the CBG issues), New Booster and Michelle turn up. I have no idea why Booster is introducing them especially since this Michelle isn't techically his sister. 

Goldstar: If this is really the end of time, we wanted to be with you and face it together.

Except Rip who apparently had enough of this crap and decided to sit the rest of this event out. Because having the guy that's supposed to be the greatest time traveler around only makes too much sense. Anyway, Booster Rider frees Brainiac which works out since he realizes he needs to set things right. They only need to prevent the first crisis first which they do--off panel. For some reason everyone but the Earth 2 heroes are gone and Brainiac says screw it to helping them back home. It doesn't matter though since Telos decided to give them the battle planet. I guess the timeline also shifted so Dicks' son didn't blow up on the ship. Okay.

Did You Notice?: Despite pre-Flashpoint Bruce wanting to spend his possible last moments with his sons Jason and Dick are no where to be seen. At least Dick could be on his honeymoon.

Cowboy universe seems to be back so does that mean no one died? Or that no one read the tie ins?

Say What?: Michelle you never even met any of these people. Still I guess it's appropriate that they all meet Boosters' former dead sister before all of creation is destroyed since it seems like the only way to see her outside of a BG title. I guess Booster and her felt it was necessary since both are gone after that panel.

Overall: This wasn't the greatest event and if I knew how it would have played out I definately would have skipped it. That said I don't hate it. I suppose it was nice to see all these worlds together even if the continuity wasn't always right. I would have liked this more if there were some characters that I felt strongly connected to and while I did like Earth 2 it mainly focused on a version of Dick Grayson that I didn't find particularly likable though most of this. The others were just around and didn't seem to do much. 

Did really REALLY need Booster Rider to solve this problem? Why was Deimos interested in Yolanda? I don't know. Why were new Booster and Michelle with Booster Rider even though he teleported them elsewhere? No idea. Did anyone have an actually lasting death? Maybe? From my understanding this series didn't give us back the multiverse per se. 52 did that and these worlds were made to fight then it was restored with the Crisis being erased and changing timelines. Meaning that possibly all the stories that we loved never happened? Who knows. It was two months of filler that at least let us see old worlds and characters.

Oh yeah I almost for got. STOP CALLING ALL TIME TRAVELERS TIME MASTERS! Unless their connected to Rip Hunter they shouldn't be called that!  Okay, glad I finally got that out. 


  1. From what I understand, what Convergence did was make official the 52 earths introduced by Morrison on Multiversity. Supposedly every character from any period on DC publication's story will be available for writers to use but I'll believe that when I see it happen.

    Overall the event was mostly enjoyable but I felt they should've cut the whole Skartaris plot (any cosmic villian could've replaced Deimos) and thus making it shorter and more focused.

    As it stands, they introduced too many plots and ideas that were given a rushed resolution.

  2. I didn't get that the way it's presented but at least it worked better than their last attempt to tie Morrisons' in with Countdown. I don't see that happening either outside Morrison or another big name writer wanting to do thing in different canon.

    Yeah that would have been better since you can't really get the full impact unless you read the Warlord series. True although I would have paid more attention to the characters to understand their motives. Besides Dick we don't get a lot of that.