Monday, June 15, 2015


No gimmicks for this month, well except for Hal I guess. I'd rather have Alan, Guy, John, Kyle..well you get the picture. ;) Thoughts about this months solicits below.

  • DC Comics Bombshells-I'm guessing Diana is the main star? It would make sense if she was. Also Mera is the princess of Atlanta? Interesting.
  • Damian vs. Deathstroke. I would say Damian should lose--hard--but after the way they did that in the movie it wouldn't surprise me if he won off panel.
  • Bat-Mite. It makes sense to have Booster in this but I'm not sure I want to read an issue of Bat-Mite to read about Booster in a time travel story.
  • Batman '66 has Bane now? I keep waiting for other characters to turn up.
  • I love Dick Grayson but I don't care for the spy angle or being reminded of Seeleys' other work. I still don't want to talk about that one so please don't ask.
  • It looks like Olive is still around despite the cliffhanger of last issue.
  • I have zero interest in Mecha-bunny-Gordon-Batman. While it's a given that he'd clash with Jason and Roy I'm not looking forward to this. I expect I'll be highly annoyed with Gordon. Yes he's "the law" but he had no problem with Jason when he was working with Batman. Now he does when their going legit--yeah I know it will be explained. This just rubs me the wrong way.
  • Over in GL books Guy is back in Green and I think he's supposed to be in his usual costume? Hal doesn't look so great on the annual cover showing that not every design works with every artist.
  • Harley Quinn remains DCs' answer for Wolverine (or rather Deadpool.)

Nothing new for my pull list which is disappointing. I guess any mini series, new series, etc. will be October. Whether or not anything I'm interested with will turn up? Who knows?


  1. To be fair with Gordon, I don't believe he ever saw Jason working with Bruce before, so him wanting to apprehend Jason seems reasonable. For all he knows, the Red Hood is still a wanted criminal.

    I do find interesting Medri's sitting this one out. Pantalena is Italian so maybe he's a buddy of Medri. In any case, his art is more traditional so I'd expect the critcism against the art to be toned down

    Just hope he doesn't use the expressive helmet, I hate that thing.

    Other than that, not a lot of interesting stuff this month for me

  2. Whether Gordon saw him or not he still didn't say anything against it to Batman or arrange to arrest RH. I can't believe Gordon would be completely in the dark about who was in Gotham. In the context of the new series who knows how it will play out but it sounds like their being advertising. At least Roy will.

    If the Battleworth thing works out all Gordon would have to do is a little research. If it doesn't then starting a business makes no sense. Of course Jason and Gordon could rub each other wrong especially if Jason doesn't like seeing another Batman.

    Someone is still going to complain just to do it but I think it looks fine. It depends on the art for the "face" helmet. Rocafort was one of the only ones to get it decent looking. The problem is the covers make it look like a thing when Medi doesn't have a face on his design.

  3. Yep, can't say that I'm too excited about seeing Gordon run about in the Bat-Bunny suit. And Hal looks absolutely ridiculous with long hair.

    I don't know how in the world Guy gets together with the Corps, but I'm just glad that he does.

    And I would pay dearly to see Damian wipe the floor with Deathstroke. I'd pay to see ANYONE wipe the floor with Deathrstroke.

  4. I just hope the Gordon thing is over with soon. I'm tried of drawn out bat angst.

    Some artist can at least make him look like a down on his luck drifter but mostly...? It doesn't look good.

    There's an animated feature where he does.

  5. I suppose the clash with Batbunny stems from the annual and sort of set the new status quo (until BvS comes out at least) for the Batman family. As long is one issue thing I'm fine with it.

    I have to wonder if Venditti understands Hal. He wasn't supposed to be a drifter, he was supposed to be a hotheaded and stubborn square jawed hero, That's why he worked so well as foil for boh Barry and Ollie. I'd guess Gardner is dual wielding the red and green rings now, thus the different outfit,

    Oh and checking out the issues at DC's website, Pantalena is listed as the artist for RH/A issue 2. So we'll be seeing his work sooner than expected

  6. Maybe, I'm just ready for Bruce to be back. Nothing against Snyder but it feels like we keep seeing the same plots. I'm just tired of it. We just got Damian back and Dicks' "death" hasn't affected most characters in the main books. Has anyone mourned Bruce outside his titles?

    According to his interview he was going for a wild and unpredictable look for Hal. I believe Guy lost his red ring at the end of Red Lanterns which made him turning up as a GL a little surprising. I didn't think he still had the GL ring.

    It might seem a little odd for the trade but for one shot stories different artists work nicely. I can't wait to see what they have to say when it's released.