Sunday, December 6, 2015

Cheap DC Doll Option?

1/6 figures are expensive with the lowest being in the hundreds. Sometimes companies make clothing to sell by it's self but say you want to have a certain character and you don't want to spend triple digits. Well in some cases you can but there are catches.

Every once in a while I spot a clothing/head combo that can be purchased for less than a completed figure would cost. Yes you'd still have to buy a body but those can be found cheap depending on whether you want to show the joints or not. This is the first DC release I've seen with this option for the upcoming movie Suicide Squad which uses Harley Quinn.

It's still a little pricey at certain places although I first saw it for $60 something. If this was applied to other characters we'd quickly get several characters made at a reduced cost. That said it does feel a little doubtful we'd get sets like this for bigger names like Wonder Woman. I think the only reason Harley is here is because the SS brand isn't as notable not Harley herself. 


  1. I didn't even know you could make your own! I do love those l/6 figures though.

  2. There are a few options but not much variety yet. I saw a head that make a good Kate Kane. I do too, I just wish they did more characters and cheaper versions like this.