Monday, December 14, 2015

DC Comics Solicits for March 2016

Things look a bit more interesting this month.

Batman: "Bruce Wayne returns to the cape and cowl" about freaking time. I'm sorry but from what little I've read with Jim Gordon as Batman it really doesn't work for me. The guy's basically a wet blanket that comes off pretty high and mighty against heroes. Yes he's the law but this is a guy that allowed a vigilante to freely operate for years. He's hardly one to judge much less the people Batman trusts. From a storytelling POV it also seems weird that Dick stood in as Batman and not long after (comic time) there's another new Batman filling in.

Dark Knight 3 The Master Race #4: "Bruce Wayne is dead." Spoilers people! Or this could be a "there is only Batman" type of deal...except they already did that. What amuses me the most if this does happen is what Miller will do for his DK4 story. If he doesn't have anything to do with this as his comments suggest I can almost see DC deciding to kill Bruce just to stop it. I recall hearing things about DK2.

The Legends of Tomorrow: No interest in these stories but maybe in future installments if they change. Honestly this would be a great title for introducing new characters or time travel.

Superman: Two Supermen meeting, finally something is being done with the Lois and Clark connection. I do think the only reason they made that title was to keep the new universes' Clark with Wonder Woman which still isn't working for me.

Aquaman: Aquawoman? A new character or the one from Earth 2? I think Mers hated that name.

Deathstroke: I'm not familiar with James Bonny. Whether I know him or not I can't say I'm thrilled with Jason running into Slade. I'm not a fan of the guy and there's so many ways this could go south in terms of Jasons' characterzation. Still it's nice that more writers are using him and the cover is really great.

Teen Titans: I'm glad someone is finally addressing the Woman Woman/Wonder Girl connection. Cassie is Diana's niece although I don't think she knew that.

Red Hood/Arsenal: I currently don't care for Jokers' Daughter but I don't really have any feelings on this arc yet. I still have to get #7.

Titans Hunt: I need more issues to get a better idea of how I feel but the cover is nice. I think their fighting a pirate?

Superman The Coming of Supermen: The art does remind me a lot of Neal Adams Batman Odyssey. Same artist yes but there's a difference between that and his normal work. I recently found some commentary for Batman Oydessy that's hilarious and I'd love to see another one.

Batman Eternal: Well Jason is back in the hoodie here. Duke is on the cover and more prominent? I thought the writers claimed WAR didn't have a big role in past interviews.

Sinestro: I might have to get this since the heroes of Earth are still involved.

Green Lantern Corps EOO too but nothing to add.


  1. Nice that the real Batman is going to be back. I think we all knew it would happen eventually, but it took its own sweet time!

  2. Yep, I've only read him in team up stories and I was already hoping Bruce would return sooner. I just find Jim very annoying when he's Robo-Bat.

  3. The guy on the Titan's Hunt cover is the first enemy the Titans faced back when they were formed. Is called Mr Twister. I honestly lost all interest on the series.

    I'm curious about Jason's appaearance on Deathstroke. The series itself has been just mindless action flick stuff so I don't think it would be too bad and Kirkham draws a mean Red Hood (I'd loved to see him draw the hoodie). I can already seen all the posts claiming than Bonny (regardless is a good story or not) writes a better Jason than Lobdell though.

    In general I'm tired of this new status quo and I'm glad we're returning to the basic, plus it should be interesting to see preN52 Clark meet the current one.

    JD was pretty entertaining on issue (that is actually more of a Roy issue) and nearly everyone can agree Lobdell is the first writer to write her decently, so there's a lot of potential on seeing her taking therapy.

  4. I heard it was Mister Twister awhile back but I didn't realize that's how he looked. Well I already pre-ordered up to five so I'm in for at least a few more issues. I'm mainly waiting to see how this group interacts.

    Deathstroke is a character try to tolerate when I have to see him. I can sort of stomach him in a few appearences but he usually gets overhyped. People would claim Daniels could write a better Jason than Lobdell even though we know he didn't. Of course most would complain that Jason is "stealing" Slade. The art is fantastic on the cover.

    Yeah the current status quo never felt very well put together in terms of character dynamics. I'm curious about the meeting of Supermen as well.

    The therapy mentioned in the solicit? Didn't we get a fake out solicit about the guys getting therapy too? No offense to Lobdell because he's much better than he's given credit for but it shouldn't be hard to write her better. No one seemed to know what to do with her.

    Hopefully issue 7 should arrive in the mail soon. I'm guessing I should read it before Robin War.