Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year !

I had some good comics and a lot of bad ones this year. I think we all know Robin War is at the top of the bad and since I already wrote why I'll just say it's for a good reason. With one issue left nothing can save it. I'd like to focus on the positive instead.

This year gave me an excellent mini series in Back to the Future which is now an ongoing thanks to popular demand. While editorial mandates has messed with the momentum in Red Hood/Arsenal there was still a lot of good character work for both leads. Gotham Academy was mostly decent even if it feels like it's running out of steam at the moment. Green Lantern Lost Army was pretty good. Doomed was very underrated and a lot of fun with two amazing characters in Reiser and Roman.

I enjoyed most of the Star Wars books I read including the main series, Darth Vader (which had an epic moment of him realizing who Luke was) and Kanan The Last Padawan. We got another Star Wars movie (I'll elaborate on that at a later point) and more on the way.

I'm hoping for next year to be better and for us all to have more excellent comics.

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