Thursday, December 3, 2015

Days of Christmas: Booster Gold goes home

I don't know if I'll get 12 days but this is a look at Christmas/Holiday issues. I'm not going over the entire issue if I reviewed it before. Sometimes the story only has it in the background much like Booster Gold #13-15 volume 1.

While it's never a big deal in the story it's self it makes sense that it takes place around Christmas. Booster had been involved in a scandal, been disowned by his family and finally fled to the past to make a life for himself. Instead of becoming a villain he purposely becomes a hero and tries to figure out how to balance heroics with financial pursuits. He's forced to go back home and wants to be reunited with his family. Booster arrives too late as he learns his mother has died and his sister was kicked out for their apartment. It has a Charles Dickens vibe to it with Boosters' mistakes catching up with him and having to face what he ran away from. (Although he still runs away here it's because their kill him if he doesn't.)

We get a brief glimpse at Michelle at home as she hears her brother was arrested and while she seems to be celebrating the season we have no idea how she feels. Not until she throws away everything to save Booster. He learns a little about his fate, finds a measure of forgiveness and takes to heart a lesson from a nurse about humility. It's a story with many hallmarks of the season that doesn't neatly wrap up every problem yet still manages to feel heartfelt. If you like the character and want something that doesn't ram into seasonal clichés but takes place at the same time it's a good choice. Even if it's not around the holidays.

It's also an interesting note because the Twins' birthday is after Christmas.


  1. Poor Booster. It's actually an interesting idea to have Christmas in the background without it automatically becoming a huggy-feely redemption story.

  2. I didn't really think about it until I read your comment but a few of the choices I picked aren't the cliché holiday specials. Some are in the background, some aren't what they appear although a few are.