Sunday, December 13, 2015

Days of Christmas: Jason Todd takes a Sleigh to meet Santa

I did a meta and a review for this one. I think this was without a doubt the most entertaining issue of the series. How could it not be with mini Outlaws. Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #2

Right from the start you know something is off as Jason, Kori and Roy are all little kids excited about Santa visiting. From there things get fun as the trio make it their mission to find Santa. All through out this adventure that's so adorable and off the wall there's a question of how they became kids and what's going on. It gets answered but you don't really mind waiting to the end to find out. It's easy to get lost in the search for Santa along with the leads. The child-like behavior, the sweetness of their friendship and the cartoonish logic involved really make this a treat. I said this in both the meta and review but it does all this while giving an interesting perspective of Jason. Stepping back to look at it from Jasons' eyes, the meaning of his actions, what it must mean to him to have this Christmas trip, etc. is all pretty fascinating.

It's definitely my favorite of the bunch.

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