Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Short Review: Titans Hunt #3

Yep I got my last comics of the year. I forgot that this was coming in the mail. It's been so long since I read the last issue that I forgotten what it's like reading this series. I remember the plot it's just the style of writing that's kinda blurry. What can I say, I read worst and that made this one a little forgettable in comparison.


Donna kicks Garths' ass and Dick attempts to calm her down. She's been having dreams with Garth and Dick in them and wants answers. Since Roy never arrived for their appointment Lilith is getting worried. Twister tried to break in only to be refused by Lilith and talks about a transaction. He wants all the Titans from this title and knows she's trying to bring them together again.

While Donna thinks Dick's' name is unfortunate Dick actually feels like he knows her name. Garth gets pissed off and attacks Donna again. They end up in a teen (Titan) clubhouse that seems familiar. Cute moments with Mal and his wife. Cave Boy gets Roy out of prison. Twister gets all of them to hear a noise that causes them pain. Hawk hears the noise but Dove doesn't.

Overall: The writing remains stilted and awkward. The text boxes still feel unneeded and don't add anything to the story. I enjoyed seeing Mal and Karen, I'm interested in their story and hope they get a happy ending when this series has its finale. The Roy section had some neat bits like his tattoos although I always thought they were just reminders of his inner demons. Even Twister felt pretty intriguing, is he magical is a a vampire who has to be invited in? The Donna/Garth/Dick section was awful. Garth and Donna weren't likable and Dick was so bland. Why is he either a perfect golden boy that acts like a bastard or a flawless dull hero in most of the stories I've read in 2015? The dialogue was definitely the worst in that section. I'm still on the fence about this one.

Questions Asked?: "A noose?" Wrapping wire/rope around someone to bide them isn't a noose. Donna uses it as one but not the other way around.

Why would Donna think Atlanteans didn't know how to fight? Yes she could be trying to be sarcastic but even that train of thought doesn't fit. Would she know much of Atlanteans since she's still "new"?

Why would Donna mistake the wire of  a "lasso of truth"? I know this Donna was born like a month ago in DC time but I didn't get the impression she was this dim. Wouldn't she know only Diana has the lasso of truth?

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