Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Days of Christmas: Joker takes a joyride with Tim

Anytime a Robin is left alone with the clown there's a sense of dread. This time's no different as Paul Dini writes this story in Detective Comics # 826.

I'm drawing a blank on most of this since it's been awhile some things stick out though.

Tim isn't in a good spot and desperately needs to get to safety. So when a civilian car pulls up he doesn't have time to look a gift horse in the mouth before jumping in. He probably should of because Joker happens to be the driver. He ties up Tim in decorations like the boy wonder is his personal Christmas tree and has a good time running over innocents pedestrians. Eventually the two end up talking and Joker is caught off guard by what Tim says. It's a nice bit of character work for both as Joker reminisces over something he enjoys and Tim manages to show his smarts in a tight spot. Really it would have worked for Batman the Animated series...except I doubt they'd get away with Joker driving over random people.


  1. This is a particularly well-written story... albeit a tad on the gruesome side. Just the right touch of black humor.

  2. Dini does have good writing chops, I remember a rather adult Two Face story he did with the Animated characters that would never have made it to the cartoon.