Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Detective Comics #47

Well Grayson #15 officially got rid of the excitement I had for this event. I have little hope left but the spect I have is because we have different writers for the next three partners not including tie ins. Let's see if the trend of crap continues.


Gordon sans suit gets his ass kicked by Dick who continues to be a jackass. Which means Gordon is either shocked that the guy he worked with in the recent Batman/Superman issues is acting like this or it's the reason he had nothing to say to him. Before I read this issue I wondered how they could process all these Robin without giving away their IDs. The answer is pretty stupid. They are in tiny suspended cells. Basically their in cages. Ha ha. Bullock fills Gordon in on the details which neither of them really get. The situation is ridiculous with all of them still wearing their costumes.

It doesn't make sense because Bullock says everyone was arrested for wearing Robin stuff. Well Tim doesn't have an "R" and while wanted by the cops (I still don't know what his legal status is, shaky?) Jason has a bat symbol not anything with Robin on it. Riko got caught by the cops and it seems like Gotham Academy creative team communicated better than King did. Ignoring how insane the cages are why the hell do they have flammable drums on the floor beneath the prisoners? If this was a video game that's a neon sign that says shoot me.

Damian decides to try to escape while we get more bad characterization for Jason. He assumes Tim was in on Dick's plan, fine. It's ignoring the fact Tim is also stuck there but I could at least see Jason thinking they kept him out of the loop. But to immediately call him a chicken? Really?! Why? And why does Tim seem more offended by that than Damians' insults in part 1? Unless he's Marty Mcfly or thinking it's a slight on his costume I don't get it. This is such bullshit that reduces them--especially Jason--to make them pointless. They should have just made this a WAR/RSOB crossover because everything else enrages me. Is there any bat writer that doesn't have a bias against Jason?

At first I assumed Damian was leading Gordon to Dick instead he's triggering the stupidly placed explosive drums. So not only are the cops/Owls insanely stupid for not searching them there's also the matter of putting EXPOSIVES in the same room as the vigilantes. The amount of dumb in this is incredible, it also manages to answer how Batmans' rogues escape so often.

"We'll get those costumes off, make sure their not hiding anything else. We should've done this from the start."


You guys only deal with costume people every day of the week in Gotham!

The Court of Owls show up. Instead of remaining in the shadows they stroll out in the open and seems to control the arm guards.

Dick the Asshole Grayson didn't get brainwashed like Grayson #15 made it look like. He wants to do this all by himself and was willing to screw over his "brothers" along with the new kids. Just because he can't handle feeling responsible. The talk with Gordon feels like words were placed in wrong spots as they go back and forth between two topics. They both shrug off Dick selling out everyone to play lone wolf just because Dick voiced the idea this was a set up. Gee how convenient, that means that they don't need to deal with ethics anymore.

I think we're supposed to find it cool that Dick leaps into action with a Batman. I don't because nothing excuses his actions. Just like Bruce did under Tomasi Dick promised no more secrets under King/Seeley. Both immediately go back on their word and act like they know better than everyone else.

Overall: Reading these issues has been unbearable. We get Jason acting out of character and it pisses me off that no one calls these writers on this shit. Ever since issue #8 of RHATO the brotherly relationship between Tim and Jason has been building. Now their acting like petty brats instead of trying to escape for no logical reason. Tim gets to act more mature but he still has nothing to offer in this event. While this story revolves around the WAR kids they barely do anything either.

Are they really thinking we should agree with Dick and see him as heroic? He sent his FAMILY to prison and is responsible for anything that happens to them. NOTHING gives him the right to do this. What's worse is I am 98% sure this will all be shrugged off by the end. Dick will be hailed the hero of the story. Jason and Tim will apparently have a death match. The WAR kids will go on doing whatever in the background except maybe Duke and Damian might contribute something. His greatest action in this event besides calling BS on Gordon and WAR then hitting the drum. Which was entirely pointless since the COO came. You can tell that this change of direction was forced, it's terrible. Nothing makes sense, no except maybe Gordon comes off looking good.

Questions Raised?: The cages look expensive and are ready set up. Shouldn't that clue Gordon and Bullock that something is off? All of them are basically in a supervillains trap complete with explosive drums!

I think this is the first time Gordon is talking to Dick since he was unmasked? Nothing really gets addressed about Dick that wasn't mentioned in previous parts. It's disappointing but is Dick wearing the changing mask here? Gordon knows it's him and unlike his talk with Duke there's no surprise here.

Would Jason actually know what the Court of Owls look like? During NOTO he only dealt with a Talon.


  1. Yep, the amount of stupid on this event is going off the charts. Everyone is a idiot except for the great and perfect Dick Grayson (remember how this was supposed to be Damian's event?)

    For what is worth, WAR 7 is pretty decent and I enjoyed the voice Bermejo gives to the boys but in the bigger picture of the event is essentially a filler issue. And trust me, the whoole thing gets more stupid with Robin: SOB

  2. I would have preferred it as a Damian event. It would have made more sense and no one would have been dragged through the mud. I know their trying to show Dick as the great hero but all it's doing is showing him as a complete asshole.

    That makes me feel better although I'm saddened to hear RSOB gets worse. I thought Gleason did good work on the first two issues I read. King is ending the whole thing and given what he already did I think we have an idea how this will end.

  3. Yeah, the original pitch for the event sounded way, way better than the mess it turned out to be.

    For what is worth, Gleason's credited as plotter and Fawkes is in charge of the dialogue.

  4. It would have been with just three books involved. And it would be centered around Damian giving him an event of his own since BaRE seems to just include the others.

    It helps as a fan of Gleason not in terms of what's to come. I think I lost a lot of respect for Fawkes here. Not just the cartoonish mindframe with the cops. The horrible characterzation, pointless plots and bad dialogue.