Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Event thoughts

I'm still waiting for my comics but I've been thinking about crossovers. In general I'm tired of them because there are too many, they often only have characters that aren't my favorite or tiny unimportant roles for those that are my favorites. Lately they have been expensive and boring.

What I'd like is for a crossover to make sure everyone is in character in every book, the story matches up and the characters' personalities being used in interesting ways. Most recent events seem to be very paint by numbers and I want that fun feeling back. The allies vs. allies bit can be interesting but it's overused. More often than not it feels forced.

I was looking at some of the titles listed for Free Comic Book Day and while DC hasn't listed theirs yet I realized I wasn't looking forward to it. I wasn't interested in any of the storylines DC have been promoting in for FCD the last few years. Which is sad because I always look forward to FCD stuff.


  1. Expensive and boring sums it up pretty neatly, actually. Maintaining proper characterization would be lovely,but never seems to happen much, but then, it's ONLY a crossover, and we need to manipulate people into doing things that they would never ever do, for the sake of the crossover plot.

    Bah humbug!

  2. The current mindframe of letting the writers do what they want with the "canon over continuity" can work to ignore bad series it seems to make some ignore characterizations. It's why I try to avoid certain writers who don't seem to care enough to research.