Monday, December 7, 2015

Days of Christmas: Santa Claus attacks Daredevil

During Fank Millers' era where Matt Murdocks' life went down the crapper. Daredevil #229.

As you might have guess with the writers' name this isn't a happy issue. The "Santa" involved is a criminal dressed the part of a charity collecting Saint Nick as a cover. Matt, now homeless, gets attacked by the man and comes out the worst. I didn't chose this as a positive reinforcement for the season. The timing actually makes the gloomy setting worse since we're used to stories having miraculous outcomes around Christmas. 

Most of the arc has to do with Matts' struggle against Kingpin, his fight in every sense of the word and his faith. One would assume some good would come for him here but no. Even his friends have their own horrible encounters. If there is something good to be gleamed it's not to give up. Matt might not have his life together at this point but he never would have if he decided to throw in the towel. Not everyone likes the holidays and not everyone has it easy around this time of year. 

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