Thursday, December 10, 2015

Days of Christmas: Scarlet Spider beats up a bunch of Santas

Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker) is trying to make something of his life since he's no longer dying and attempting to reform after being a supervillain. But a recent disaster leaves him depressed yet somehow this issue manages to be so much fun.

After passing out from drinking three beers (thanks to Parker bad tolerance to alcohol genes) his friends try to save the hotel from an armed robbery and sober him up. Wackiness does ensue yet it manages to balance the humor with more serious moments. Up to this point Kaine has kept his past hidden from most of his friends and his confession is heartbreaking. This is a guy that's never had more than very fleeting acceptance that's done horrible things he regrets now that he's sane and can't see himself ever rising above it. Kaine finds it hard to see the value in the things he has achieved and it only underlines how much a supporting cast contributions to a hero. Not to mention the supporting cast in this series was amazing.

After going through such an emotional roller coaster Kaine is only too happy to beat the ever-loving crap out of the Santa robbers. Anti-heroes go through a lot and Kaine actually gets to be happy which is pretty sweet in its self. This is one of the reasons that only a Scarlet Spider or MC2 related books are the only Marvel superheroes I can about anymore.

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