Thursday, January 28, 2016

Batman V. Superman rumor

If it's true it ruins the follow up material since it seriously screws up Bruces' character.


Apparently Bruce is okay with killing, which is already WTF worth when he's in a battle of supposed morals against Superman. But Jason Todd is supposed to be in the movies which begs the question of HOW their conflict works if this is true. If Bruce is fine killing why doesn't he kill the Joker?


  1. I really have no plans to see this.

  2. I still haven't seen the first one and probably won't see this unless a family member wants to see it. Beyond seeing Wonder Woman on the big screen I don't have any real interest.

  3. Well, for one the movie isn't about a battle of morals. Snyder himself has gone to record stating that Batman is in the wrong, all the things he has went through have make him bitter and easily prone to mindless rage. So, in a way he's just projecting all of his anger into Superman.

    Now, far as I know Bruce is incredibly brutal but he doesn't kill. He's trying to take down Superman but at that moment he doesnt' sees Superman as a human, making him a valid target for him.

    In the unlikely (in the sense both conditions are met, I really believe we'll get UtRH in the big screen) case that both Bruce is fine with killing and also UtRH is adapted, then it would serve to give a different spin to the story that quite frankly, is starting to beome burnt out due all the times is being revisited by different authors/media.

  4. That's disappointing. I don't know how Captain America Civil War will turn out but it sounds like there will be more of an effort to make no hero into the bad guy. I find that more interesting.

    I have no idea if the kill rumor is true or not. The various people I've seen mention it claim it was confirmed somewhere. I don't follow most movie news so I couldn't say for sure.

    I dunno. It's nice to have twists but I thought the main part that was compelling was their relationship and the pain involved. A big part of that pain is the misunderstandings one of which is Jasons' POV of Bruce not killing means Bruce doesn't care about him. The whole idea of UTH was to see if he could make Bruce choose him.

    I don't think the UTH concept has been revisited that many times.

  5. Matter of tastes. I can't comment on Civil War since I have zero interest on Marvel but the idea of Bruce being a victim of his own hang ups is fascinating. Of late a lot of writers has been pushing him as someone that is always in the right no matter how questionable or irrational his actions can be. So is fantastic to see him as someone fallible and therefore, human.

    Since BvS is my most awaited movie this year, I've been following closely every news about it and that hasn't been mentioned anywhere.

    A good writer can still touch that conflict, just like they found an interesting way of bringing Batman by using the fallout of Man of Steel.

    The problem is the same as telling the character origin every time it pops out on a new media, the people has been exposed to it os much that it becomes redundant. Doubly so with Jason whom story has been told twice (not counting all the fan works and references on comics) on a considerably short term for character so relatively new (as in his Red Hood persona)

  6. Some Marvel movies are better than others, I didn't care for Age of Ultron but Captain America Winter Solider is probably my favorite live action comic book movie.

    I kind of see it the other way. Bruce has been wrong, a lot, he just can't admit it. He was wrong about the Court, wrong about Joker not knowing their IDs and sorta wrong about the spy thing since it looks like the family can interact with Dick whenever they want. The problem has always been with the writers not humbling him since Bruce never seems to keep the lessons he learned.

    I've seen it plop up at a few sites I visit but it's good to know this is only a rumor.

    Jasons' story has had changes though, even his new 52 origins stray from the original. While stories change what's important is the heart of the character. For Jason it's a poor kid that wanted a family, is taken away from new family and emotionally breaks down because it looks like he didn't matter.

    Winicks' basic idea was a Batman that kills. Jason is what Bruce isn't in a lot of regards. He understands criminals, doesn't like "dress up" and uses a weapon Bruce hates. He sees all of Bruces' failings and calls them when others are silent. Without that heart the connection between them doesn't work nearly as well.