Friday, January 15, 2016

John Romita Jr. Variant Covers

Found Here. It varies with the work JRJ does whether I like his art. Thoughts on covers below.

Justice League: Does anyone else feel distracted by the way Superman is flying and seems to be silently judging the audience?

Grayson: There are some absurd covers in this bunch but this wins for the most over the top. Dick Grayson standing with a pair of shades in one hand and the type of gun Cable regularly uses in the other. This is the most 90's out of the lot. It's not just the fact it's Dick Grayson that makes this ridiculous it's the fact that there's no way he should be holding that monstrosity one handed without the recoil throwing him back into a tree plus those bullet shells look like they might hit him in the face. I think that's a mount on his shoulder but I still don't buy that he wouldn't be pushed back. This looks like Dick is trying so hard to look cooler than Jason with guns that he gets the biggest one he can lift and takes sunglasses for that extra bit. Stick to flips Dick because this just looks wrong.

Superman: Stop staring at us! It's creepy!

Robin Son of Batman: This one is simple but very effective.

Green Lantern: Hal looks an awful lot like one of the Superman poses. Also, why is everyone going to the right?

Titans Hunt: I mentioned this before and this has nothing to do with the cover except the costumes, but why is Roy wearing the same costume years later? Rocafort had past Roy, Kori and Dick wearing different costumes. Sure Donna is still in her pre-Flashpoint Wonder Girl look but at least she isn't still wearing it in the present.

Batman: With a gun. Still not as weird as the Grayson cover.

Red Hood/Arsenal: Yea, a bat character that actually uses a gun! Yet the shells coming out of his gun look really odd. For some reason the costume war still wages on as Roy and Jason are both in their early RHA looks.


  1. I'm not a fan of Romita Jr's work and yeah, most of those covers are incredibly lazy but still, I can't help to be happy about RH/A getting a variant again. And one of the few that actually look good to boot!

    Having them in Medri's costumes is just the cerry on the top (I'd wish they would stop dangling them in front of me when they have the N52 costumes on interiors though)

  2. They really do feel lazy but I was so glad to see another RHA variant. It is one of the best ones.

    They look great but it's odd that artists still don't know which costumes to use.