Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Others reading things differently

Have you ever checked out a wiki page about a character or seen someone else describe a character and you don't know what their talking about? Because something wrong or you have no idea how they came to a conclusion? Is this just interpretation? This has to do with Essence.

Essence is Jason’s ex and his “first time”. She’s a spiritual entity who is thousands of years old and has a dark side. Their relationship has been up and down, but ultimately they remain allies who respect and care for one another, even after he discovered that she had been possessing him. Later they came to an understanding and she showed up again to save Roy’s life for Jason’s sake.

  • Jasons' ex and "first time"? It's never been officially stated but it's implied they were romantically linked. Although Jason only admitted she was his first kiss and they had a history of some kind. Honestly I got the impress that Lobdells' original idea was that Jason saw her that way and she lead him to believe she felt the same. Then the Tynion run ignored what came before. I could see the relationship existing in some form but except for Lobdell aging Robin Jason up in a throw away line Jason has been implied to be younger as Robin. That makes me think she didn't take him seriously as a romantic interest then. Now he seems emotionally older despite being so much younger than her but his emotional state is also improved thanks to him letting go of his tramua.
  • "Spiritual entity"? That makes it sound like she's dead she's not. More of a mystic who's bonded to dark powers and is immortal.
  • The part that really comes across as WTF to me is it saying she possessed him. When did that happen? Jason saw her when others didn't which was hinted at being something he was accustomed to either because of her powers or something special about him. Is this a way to explain away the original ending to the All Caste murders? Essence never possessed Jason and I doubt he'd trust her so easily if she did. She took over a woman's body in her back up to fight her "uncle" (I'm still not sure why) not Jason. If she possessed him then trying to trick him into doing her dirty work doesn't make sense.

Maybe it's nick picking but I don't like the sound of this. It makes Essence sound worse than she was, like she decided to take all free will from him.


  1. IS've never even heard of her, but she sounds pretty creepy.

  2. The quote isn't quite what she's like. As a child she was given powers against her will. She's more of an anti-hero although the original idea was to make her an enemy with good intentions. Due to some nonsensical writing where it retconned her being bad guy and had her being on good terms with everyone.

    She only took over a woman's body to fight the bad guys--I think because her body was destroyed? She gave it back after she defeated her foe.

  3. Well RHATO 7 and 36 certainly pushed the idea of a romance between Jason and Essence, that she was his "first time" can be debatable now that Gabby is in the picture but the whole idea seems more or less a valid interpretation of their relationship. "Spiritual Entity" could be simply a poor choice of words regarding Essence's Nature (Mystical being could work better I think)

    The possesion part? Total nonsense.

  4. I know it was implied but I was wondering if Lobdell was going to have Essence leading him on since he was going to make her a villain. It seemed more one sided in 7 when she causally talks about thinking of letting him live.

    Gabby? I didn't get the vibe they were a thing since past Jason seemed to hold her at arms length plus Essence was his first kiss. Lobdell said something in an interview around the time he went out with Isabel about being around normal people was awkward for Jason. That it might have been his first actual date. I could except this Essence answer even though it's iffy what their relationship is/was.

    Mystical does work better. I remember one person online complaining because Jason implied she was a witch...which is sort of what she is too. He wasn't using it as an insult like they assumed.

    The possession part was the main reason I posted this. I mean I'm pretty sure I read everything she was in except that Secret Seven issue. I have no idea where his comes from.