Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Top 5 Worst DC Events

Not my list but I definitely think there are some worthy candidates just by what I've heard of these. Since I haven't read them (besides a tie in to one) I can't give my own experiences. I did expect Millennium to be on the list but I'm glad it's not. While it was bad Millennium was so bad it was good. When you have Batman cutting Wonder Woman off when she's explaining her tie in to scream that he doesn't know you have a gem.


  1. Yep, these were pretty bad. At least Bloodlines gave us Hit-Man.

    I actually enjoyed the heck out of Millennium! As you said, it was so terrible that it was actually... good!

  2. Sometimes some good can come from the bad.

    Millennium is one of the few comics I'd reread just for a laugh. It's funny in a way the writers didn't intend especially if you ignore the many tie ins that are essential to understanding what's going on.