Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Yeah, I'm not going to fall for it

I've seen plenty of people online wanting to pair up Rey with people from The Force Awakens. I'm Star Wars savvy which means there's no chance I'm going to do that. I'm not even going to think of the possibility of her ending up with anyone.

Speculation and spoilers below.

The most popular pairings I've seen has been Kylo Ren and Rey (which I didn't see hints of) then Finn and Rey. But remember Luke and Leia? They turned out to be twins. Hell didn't a similar plot happen in Star Wars Legacy when Lukes' descendant had a half sister he didn't know about?

Ben is Han and Leias' son. We don't know who's Rey and Finns' parents. Until we know for sure I'm not going to rule out the idea they could be half siblings. It's likely Rey and Ben are cousins or siblings. The only other person who's parentage we're sure of is Poe. Now I guess it'd be okay to say Rey and Poe but I'm going to apply this rule on everyone until we learn the truth. Or we get an actual romance.

I know this was done by Disney--the company that said no to Back to the Future because Martys' mom unknowingly hit on him--but I'm not taking any chances.

Also if Rey was a Kenobi I'd want that for the connection to Obi-Wan not just to hook her up with someone with the Skywalker genes. Although it'd be a twist if she was a Skywalker and a Kenobi.

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