Saturday, January 23, 2016

Okay I might watch tv Rip now

I saw some spoilers that feel more in line with the character.


As seen in the trailers Rip tells the people he collected that their legends that can help change history. Only...he lied. He chose those people because their such a tiny part of history that it won't make a big deal on the timeline if he uses them to solve the Vandal Savage problem. That's a nice twist on the time travel plot and Rip being a chess master. It also explains why he chose this group instead of people like Ollie and Barry. I love that but what makes this really compelling is the reason Rip does this. It's not for the usual reasons like in the comics.

Rip breaks the rules and risks the whole timeline because Savage murders his wife and son. Now I don't like the fact his family died but Rip definitely favors his dad. I must find out if his wife and son are named.

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