Sunday, January 24, 2016

Reading List

I don't know what Rebirth is going to do to my pull list but it will shorter than it used to be.

What I'm getting:

Red Hood/Arsenal: Since we don't know what will be done there's a bitter feeling this may be the last time we see the guys for awhile. Titans is supposed to be coming out without the Teen part in the title. I don't want Roy to go.

Green Lanterns Corps Edge of Oblivion: This one might have a more graceful change into Rebirth given the set up. This is a mini so I see no point in dropping it even if I don't like it as much as past GL books. I pre-ordered most of it already.

On Hold:

Gotham Academy: I'm not really interested in the Year Book arc. It sounds like a clip show or various short stories with guest writers. The latter can be good but it usually has mixed results. Regardless I'm not getting this as an ongoing. We'll see if it comes back.

Back to the Future: I honestly love this title although I'm a little unsure how I'll proceed. See this was supposed to be a mini series before popular demand made it into an ongoing. It costs more than I usually prefer to pay at $3.99.  I'm considering options at the moment.

I'm Dropping:

Titans Hunt: I'm still waiting for the next issue but I doubt it will improve so I'm cutting it off at #6. The story isn't that compelling, the characters are cardboard cut outs and it just feels very blah.


  1. I seriously doubt Jason will go anywhere, but I do find likely, Roy moving up to the Titans. That would be an incredibly crappy move on editorial part.

  2. I fear that for several reasons. I don't want it to happen.