Tuesday, January 19, 2016

DC Solicits for April

A day late because of the holiday.

Bloodlines: I recently posted a link to a video where someone list Bloodlines as one of the worst events ever which makes this pretty amusing. I know nothing about the characters, I might have heard something before but I pushed that knowledge out. I'm not interested but it's still possible it might be good. I'm guessing it's not for me though.

More Harley Quinn Books: I'm trying to think of this from the fans perspective. If you enjoy this take of your favorite character getting a lot of attention then you'd be in heaven to have so many books. If you like the character but hate this version or are getting sick of her you'll hate this. All I can think is that there could have been several series done for other characters instead. I've always been somewhere in the middle when it came to Harley, not loving or hating her. I haven't seen anything that came from these books that endeared me to her but I recall her having more depth. Is it all wacky stuff? Also: the Redtool? Urgh.

Red Hood/Arsenal: I was just thinking about the business part of this book. Have we gotten a reaction from anyone in the family over Rent-a-Bat? I'm glad JD at least has a new look. I heard from a couple people that there might be something "big" for Jason around this time but I haven't seen anything besides rumors so far.

Superman The Coming of Supermen: Did Clark just tear a chuck out of his neck? Clark has that look of someone who underestimated his own strength. Superman looks pretty Batman Odyssey like to me.

Green Lantern Edge of Oblivion: Poor Guy, still I'm surprised this didn't happen in JLI.

Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: I wish I could get this but I've already been burned pretty badly with Tynion.

Nothing excited me and I do feel faintly disappointed that we're not getting anything new. I'm only getting a couple of things I'm already getting. Still this is the calm before the big event storm so maybe we'll finally get something soon.


  1. Definitely something big is coming by June/July although given how much King is talking about being working in something big with Johns and Snyder, I can't say I'm looking forward for it.

    Lots of changes on this solicits, did you notice King and Seeley being off Grayson (they've confirmed is temporal though) while Lobdell is writing Titan's Hunt?

    I like the sound of the solicit for RH/A and that cover is pretty cool, hope that is Duela's new look.

  2. Something big that has to do with Jason or just a JL event? I'm so-so in Snyders' writing lately, Johns can do good work but in recent years has the vibe of someone that's a little burnt out. King has yet to do anything to impress me and assuming we're talking about the same King he has failed Robin War. I still have one more issue to go and I know there's no way to save it.

    No, I didn't. I admit I was mostly checking for character cameos in other titles. Good catch! Maybe there's more hope for him to address the Roy problem or at least make Roy useful.

    I want to see more of their business and for it to do well. I did not like her old look and this is a vast improvement. I don't care if her face isn't deformed, anything but the skin mask.

  3. King and Seeley simply claim the big project is part of their ongoing work "to raise Dick's profile on the DCU" bleh. I recently checked my backissues of the N52's start and is amazing how much better Snyder was back then. His Batman was simply fantastic and the original CoO story while having some issues was pretty entertaining, Talon was also a top notch story. You're right about Johns, his work these days is very sloppy and it tries to tackle so much stuff that ends being poorly developed. A shame, his work on GL is what brought me back into comics in the first place.

    I'm defintely looking forward at Lobdell handling the Titans, Abnett's work so far has been either bad or mediocre so Lobdell is a massive improvement for me. And yeah, I'm hoping he will adress the inconsistencies about Roy and making him equally skilled as in RH/A.

    Yep, the Rent-A-Bat idea is great and I'd love to see it more developed. Duela has been surprisingly entertaining under Lobdell so if she gets a new look it will definitely make wonders for her character.

  4. I haven't been a fan of their work to bring Dick's profile up so far. They stomp on other characters, often make Dick a parody of himself and don't really make him look good. Rumor has it that Jasons' supposed to be considered an important character especially since he's supposed to be introduced in the movies.

    I haven't hated Snyders' work but the quality differs story to story. Black Mirror was amazing. COO was decent enough. DOTF had a lot of problems. I don't care about Robo-Gordon. I also loved Johns Booster Gold. He still has moments of brilliance, his Jason Todd in JL 19 was briefly there but the characterzation was one of the best in new 52.

    People gripe about Lobdell using narrative boxes but at least he used them as thought boxes. Abnett has them go on when their not needed at all and barely add anything to the story. TH Roy doesn't seem to have any personality, he's so bland.

    It's still early on in the Rent-A-Bat story since Jason just said okay before they came to Gotham. There's still a lot to explore. JD has been better than other appearences but I'm still on the fence at this stage. The old look never had any good staying power, it's not an outfit that any recurring character should have.

  5. Aw crap, the solicits were wrong. Abnett is still on Titan's Hunt

  6. I might be dropping since this is the half way point. At least with Lobdell there was a possibility of connecting things.

  7. Well, Green Lantern Corps looks good, mainly because of Guy. And I will have to get the Neal Adams Superman, because Odyssey was simply INSANE!

  8. I admit Guy is a highlight for GL books and one of the main reasons I buy them. I read a commentary for Batman Odyssey and I can only hope the Superman book will be just as hilarious.