Friday, January 22, 2016

Rip Hunters' Mentor?!

My enthusiasm for tv Rip has depleted some.

Thoughts below.

They made up a mentor for Rip and a time council that he reports to. I think Rip might have had some teachers in his original series but more like college professors. He pretty much came up with his time sphere with Jeff. His last origin has Booster and maybe Brianiac 5 acting as his mentors. Rip Hunter doesn't report to anyone, he's trying to explore and save the timeline even if it's all by himself. I don't like the sound of this especially since it's going out of it's way to build a father/son relationship with Rip. There's plenty of conflicting relationships they could have used. Rex Hunter/Jason Goldstein, Jeff, Corky, Bonnie or the Linear Men.

I mean it could still be good I guess, I just wish it could have used actual canon characters or kept to Rip working without bureaucracy hindering him. It takes some of the coolness out of Rip if he has to answer to others and isn't quite the genius he usually is.


  1. Yeah, it sounds like something else I can't quite put my finger on.