Friday, January 15, 2016

For something a little more lighthearted

Things have been a little depressing lately so here's some scans of humorous things happening to the bat boys while in the shower.

Bruce gives Alfred a little too much information on being attracted to female supervillains.

Bruce manages to enjoy another shower until Dick arrives.

Dinah apparently had no problem checking in on Babs when she was in the bathroom and is in for a shock when she finds someone else.

Roy decided to test Jasons' personal boundaries and trust issues by testing out his invention.


  1. I miss that Alfred and Dick.

    The Jason scene in the other hand, was pretty amusing and perfectly defined the dynamic between Roy and Jay.

  2. So do I. Well the Dick that covered the lower half of his face instead of the area he usually wears his mask, not the murderous one.

    Pretty much. Jason tries to have some personal space and Roy just isn't having it.