Thursday, March 16, 2017

DC figures that weren't shown at Toy Fair

You have to scroll down some to see them or watch the video. Thoughts below.

Dark Knight Flash: This surprised me because this costume to the best of my knowledge isn't popular. It's actually kind of silly. Not shown is old Bruce Wayne's head.

Doctor Pycho: Great sculpt but not a character I'd want. I hope it has more accessories for those that get it. Otherwise the price might feel like a ripoff.

Convergence Wonder Woman: I like the sculpt but I never liked the design. It's too busy.

Dark Knight Wonder Woman: Another surprise, it looks like Miller's style just not my favorite WW.

Wonder Girl (Cassie): The costume looks like it's from Johns TT rather than Young Justice. The style looks more like a cartoon.

Nothing I'm interested in getting but I'm happy Wonder Woman has more of a focus.

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