Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Stuff like this makes me mad

Granted I didn't have much faith in King but damn.


First of all Bruce doesn't say sons he says son. Implying he doesn't see Dick and Jason as his kids despite years of stories saying otherwise.

Second of all bringing up Damian alone makes it sound like he's the only one that really matters.

Third of all Bruce has lost all of the boys in some way prior to this. Jason and Damian actually died, Dick was stuck being a spy for awhile and Tim is currently considered dead. Way to miss the point of the bat family and at a time Bruce should be worried about ALL of them.

EDIT: This same crap just happened in Nightwing?! Dick calling Damian Bruce's true son. Well I shouldn't be surprised that King and Seeley wrote this nonsense.


  1. Bruce has always had his dickish moments... is it really necessary to make them the norm instead of the occasional aberration?

  2. The thing is some writers don't seem to get why it's dickish. They think it's normal for Bruce to dismiss the others in favor of Damian just because he's related by blood. Whether they get it or not it's still annoying.

  3. The kicker is that King actually writes Bane as being acting merely due Bruce's provocation, making Bruce even a bigger jerk.

  4. From what I've seen all Batman seems to do in this arc is use the same line to threat breaking Bane's back. What the hell?

    1. I haven't liked what I've read of his work. Most if not all of the Eternal writers seem to have the same problems.