Thursday, March 9, 2017

Roy Harper Action Figures

I'm not doing them all I just thought it might be fun to show some of Roy's merchandise. He's had a few code names so this is Red Arrow and Speedy. Arsenal is here.

DC Direct Green Arrow and Speedy

There were a few mentor and sidekick two packs that came with some interesting bases and/or accessories. There's aren't many Speedy figures, I think just this one and the Young Justice ones. (Well there's also ones that aren't techically "action figures.") It's still a good idea for a set that I always liked. I'm not going to get one though because these are pretty pricey now.

Young Justice Red Arrow

Based on the cartoon where Roy gets tired of the sidekick stuff and becomes Red Arrow. I never saw the series and I've always been a little iffy on trying it out based on the spoilers about Roy I heard. There's some good stuff but also some...complications. And for some reason Roy apparently lives in the same building Jason takes Bruce and the Joker to in the animated Batman Under the Red Hood movie. Seriously.

Anyway this looks like a set you'd get your money's worth if you like the show.

DC Direct Red Arrow (Meltzer JL)

This was when Roy was on Meltzer's Justice League and the style is based on Bryan Hitch's art. I'm going to be honest, I never liked the Red Arrow stuff. I hate that Roy would give up his code name to become a copy of Ollie. After he went through so many story arcs showing how he had grown as a character to become his own man this just felt insulting. Likewise the costume is too much like Ollie and doesn't reflect anything about Roy.

I don't have this figure but this is a promo pic and he actually has red hair in the finished figure. It looks like an alright figure if you liked the Red Arrow period.

Mattel Red Arrow (Comic Book Version)

As I mentioned the Green Arrow costume is pretty close to the Red Arrow look. If I recall right the body of this figure was actually a Green Arrow body with slight changes and a repaint. I don't have this figure either but I would likely get it over the DC Direct version. It would probably come down to which head sculpt I liked best. Anyway the articulation would be better on a Mattel version as DC Direct usually had limited motion.

Teen Titans Speedy (Mego/Retro)

Roy had a figure in the old Mego line and has another version in the Retro line. Their 7" and basically dolls with their (removable?) clothing. I don't own one of these but the Retro line is more current although the prices can be steep. I have no idea why Roy isn't wearing pants. To match Robin?

There are other Roy Harper figures in older lines, Teen Titans Go, Arrow, Pocket Heroes, and Lego (although it's a limited edition Arrow version.) There's a Mezco 12" figure that I mentioned that will be coming out in May. DC Direct has a Kingdom Come Red Arrow figure which I believe is a Green Arrow figure repaint. Here's hoping for more Roy Harper stuff in general.

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