Friday, March 24, 2017

Super Sons #1

There was only one thing I didn't like about this issue. But it's sadly a big part of the series.


When they first met Damian kidnapped Jon after testing him. Now Damian is stalking Jon when he goes to school. By acting as both his bus driver and a substitute teacher. Which means Damian went to extensive trouble to make sure the normal driver and teacher weren't in. Then created fake IDs and disguises just to watch Jon. Not for a mission mind you, just to watch him.

I can say that I'm glad Bruce is finally acting like a father to the point he wants Damian to do school work and ignores his son's claim of knowing everything to point out Damian promised to do his studies. I don't feel the least bit sorry that Bruce isn't letting him go along on patrol. And I'm someone who hasn't been pleased with how he's treated his kids. But Damian is being a brat and needs discipline.

He's been going overboard lately with obsessing of Jon, his treatment of the TT, using Alfred's head to vault over him, neglecting is studies and his ego is hard to deal with. That's not even mentioning how he acts towards Tim and Jason. This has been a looong time coming it's just a shame Bruce needed Clark to remind him how to be a dad. That's how it comes across, like Bruce suddenly realized after seeing the Kents that he wasn't measuring up.

Naturally he still has a long way to go since he still can't keep Damian in the house. Or from hiding in Jon's room like a creep. Since Jon is such a nice kid he sadly doesn't tell Lois that his stalker is at their house. I would have loved to see Lois tell Damian off. He proves to be a bad influence by getting Jon to run off in the middle of the night to fight crime without his parent's content or knowledge.

Lois and Clark are amazing parents in this and I enjoyed the bits with the "Super" characters. The subplot with the kid on the sound stage who's family cater to his needs is intriguing. I also like the idea of Lex finding these kids trying to break into his building. There's a lot of potential and the storytelling is good.

Unfortunately Damian still remains overly bratty to unlikable degrees. I want Bruce to be a better dad and it was good to see him trying to keep his youngest son in line. But he doesn't seem to know Damian well. He has no control over Damian, he never has. I have a feeling this will turn into a story about feeling sorry for him not having any friends. The thing is that because of the way Damian is currently being written I have very little sympathy for him.

Damian continues to refuse to compromise or learn things he should know by now. He acted better when his friendship with Colin was still canon. Writers have managed to make him a little bratty while still making him sympathetic in the past. I miss that Damian.

I'm a little torn on whether I should keep buying this series. I love the Kent family half but Damian is testing my patience on an otherwise enjoyable book.

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