Wednesday, March 29, 2017

DC Event Rumors

Heard about this so I had to find out what every one was talking about. How likely are these rumors?


  1. I could see most of this being true as it sound like something DC has done for past events. I think it's been confirmed that this storyline has to do with the Multiverse. The One Year Later bit I don't like. It didn't work out great when they did that last time.
  2. I don't buy this for a second. I might feel mote compelled to believe it if Johns was writing it. But no, I don't see anyone else using a character everyone hated much less to redeem him.
  3. If this is true I think it will be pre-Flashpoint JSA as Earth 2 kind of lost it's way with it's audience. This seems likely since it's already been hinted at.
  4. Marvel does this a lot--too much and I'm not sure if DC would. Would Mar'i be Damian's age as he's basically a different version of her future husband? If it's for a short period yeah, but longer? I don't know about that. If it's just for shipping drama no thanks.
  5. I don't see why Bart can't come back. There's demand.
  6. Didn't DC tease Tim and the Outsiders before? I could kinda see this since Damian has the TT.
  7. I don't read these books anyway making it hard to judge the directions. Except the idea of killing Kyle. If he dies it won't be for long. DC wouldn't want to piss off more GL fans.
  8. Superwoman being cancelled...I can believe it. I don't follow sales but I recall many being peeve at the bait and switch. I'd like Jaime to go to TT and given how the last issue of BB was written I could see this being true. RHATO...why end a popular take when it's just forming the character dynamics? This trio being together was Geoff Johns' idea. Ending it this soon makes no sense.
  9. Again I don't follow sales but I thought those titles were at least doing average. Cancelling both to put her back in the chair? I'll believe it when I see it and even then I'll be waiting for them to undo it. DC seems to be struggling with her direction ever since New 52 started but I doubt they'd admit defeat to go back to her Oracle days. They threw a lot under the bus for a return to her Batgirl days. Doing a book where she trains Cass and Steph to be her successors is a direction DC has been firmly denying for years. 
  10. I won't read the title regardless which makes me not care if this happens.
  11. Likewise I don't care for these writers work which means this is meaningless to me too. Except that I'd like a Super, Bat (and Wonder) team up book for different family members only to be written by someone that didn't write for the Eternal books.
  12. Yeah I don't see the point either.
  13. Minis are likely, the Damian twist feels dumb. Why change the direct AGAIN? Batman Beyond isn't about Damian.
  14. Sadly Slade isn't going anywhere when DC has made efforts to build him up. If Rose takes over it won't be for long.


  1. You know what I am sick of? Events and interminable crossovers.

    Oh, Kyle is back as a Green Lantern instead of a White Lantern, and in his original costume. I love that costume!

  2. I wouldn't mind as much if they could be done well. The last few haven't been.

    It's a cool costume, I did wonder how long the White Lantern bit would last.