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Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Box Set

A look into the trade paperbacks in the Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Box Set


The Set it's self: I would recommend this set for people who are already fans or those that have a causal understanding of Wonder Woman. The trades follow different runs which could be pretty confusing for new comers. The Amazons are peace loving immortals that only have Diana as a child until the last trade changes all of this. She's an ambassador then a super spy. Some characters reappear in other trades, some don't. Zeus is in the first two and he's pretty useless. The most he does is lust after Amazons which makes him a pawn in one instance.

Wonder Woman: Gods and Mortals by George PĂ©rez

Naturally the art is beautiful and Diana comes across as an incredibly strong character. I just realized that her amazement at meeting Nessie Kapatelis was because Diana has never been around kids or anyone younger than her. She was literally the only child among the Amazons, at least in this version. Julia Kapatelis is a lot of fun which makes it sad to see Barbara Minerva has taken over her spot as Diana's teacher in new canon (not in this set.) All of the normal mortal characters manage to hold their own in a fight which was a pleasant surprise. Although Matthew Michaelis isn't really someone you'll remember outside him being Steve Trevor's best friend and his fate.

I don't know why Steve Trevor is much older, not a romantic interest and is reminded of his mother when he sees Diana. Well I know the last part has to do with another plot line not in this set but my point is that I don't understand why this character had this direction. He's still cool it just feels awkward to see him so far removed from Diana for so long. The two don't even share a conversation until sometime after Diana is staying with Julia Kapatelis.

I prefer the sections devoted to the history of the Amazons over Diana entering man's world. I don't hate the latter by any means it's just a tad dated. The eighties had a lot of plots dealing with nuclear wars, Russia and the panels of news narration. The lore on the Amazons was fascinating and reminded me of aspects I adore from Demon Knights. Warriors taking on incredible odds in a lawless time. The world building makes the characters understandable and Diana's birth all the most joyful.

Wonder Woman: Down to Earth by Greg Rucka, Drew Johnson and Ray Snyder

If you're looking for tons of fighting this might not be for you but it was my favorite of the four trades. Diana is the ambassador for her people and has just released a book filled with essays, her thoughts, etc. Not everyone is thrilled with her point of view. This introduces her version of Lex Luthor in Veronica Cale who has the brains, money and resources to tarnish Diana. A new cast of supporting characters are introduced to help her deal with her duties and the Gods are given modern looks before Azzarello went there. Except Hera and Zeus although Ares explains this.

Speaking of Ares he was a lot of fun, the smug manipulator role suits him. There's some heartache I wasn't expecting from what's happened to one character (I'm still filling in the gaps from the WW runs.) Io is introduced and I've heard she was a potential love interest for Diana. If I didn't hear that I wouldn't have known from her intro issues. I like what I've seen of her and if Diana ever does have a woman love interest on panel she'd work better than Artemis would. At least their personalities are close enough to work better.

I'm planning on getting this run as I'm honestly intrigued by what will happen.

Wonder Woman: The Circle by Gail Simone, Terry Dodson and Bernard Chang

This was the one that didn't really work for me. I felt some of the humor fell a little flat, I have no interest in the apes and I loathed the super spy sections. I didn't care for many of the scenes outside the flashbacks and some of the final fight with the Circle. I just wasn't interested in a lot of it. I liked seeing Etta but I'm not sure why it was written like she was being introduced as a potential threat only to reveal yeah she still friends with Diana. Was there confusion about her canon?

Fallout from Amazons Attack is here and it's pretty annoying. I feel for any writer that has to deal with the plots from that event. I just didn't like that Diana of all people has to deceive others and be something she's not. The Circle it's self was interesting although I question how the whole island could keep Diana in the dark about them. She never overheard anything or found their cells?

The Circle gives another perceptive on Diana's birth but otherwise I didn't care for it. I don't think I'll get her run on WW since this wasn't my taste.

Wonder Woman: Blood by Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang and Tony Akins

I already read my sister's copy awhile back. There are definitely flaws in this take, more so since I got into previous WW runs but I can still enjoy this as alternative take. Even when I first read it I approached it as an Elseworlds tale. If you don't want a change from canon you might not like it unless you shrug it off as an alternate universe too.

Personally I was surprised by this being included instead of something from the Jimenez run. It makes the least amount of sense since it disconnects the most out of the four trades. Still I can enjoy it on its own.

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