Thursday, March 2, 2017

Why the Robin case doesn't make sense

I get that it's iconic but having it around now makes Bruce a bigger moron than usual.

When you think of the bat cave one of the first things you think of is Jason Todd's Robin Memorial case. It made sense when Jason was dead (and no other Robins had died) to honor his memory. ...Except for when writers would use it to twist the facts of what kind of Robin Jason was. Or the many, many, many, MANY times it was broken for a forced emotional moment or symbolism.

When Jason returned it was decided the case would stay since "nothing's changed." With the implication that Bruce had still lost Jason and he was never coming back. Only he did, he's worked with the family many times since the relaunch.

Still Tomasi tried to explain why Bruce had the case. Damian thinks it's to honor Jason but Bruce claims it's remind him of his failure/loss. Which reduces Jason's death. Once Damian died Alfred tried to make a case for him but it's destroyed before the costume even went in. I did see it in Gleason's art in Robin, Son of Batman but no where else. At present Tim has one too but will it still be around once he's back? I don't think Bruce even bothered making one when Dick faked his death.

Put yourself in Jason's shoes and you can see how insulting this is. Against the odds you're back from the dead. Your family has moved on and despite you working with them your memorial is still up. Everyone that once was "dead" has theirs taken down but yours never goes anywhere. It's a reminder that not only are you his greatest failure but a warning for everyone else not to end up like you. "Good Soldier." Not son, nothing personal just a soldier. You're literally in front of your mentor yet that case shows that you're dead to him.

Bruce has always been emotionally constipated but this is ridiculous. Again he broke down Damian's grave yet the case is still there.


  1. Wow! I didn't think my opinion of Bruce could sink any lower, but once again, DC has found a way. Over the years, Bruce has done so many jerksih things to the people he supposedly cares about that I truly begin to wonder if all of Bruce's sidekicks would have lived much happier lives if they never met him.

    Bruce has just become the worst mentor in the DC Universe and this black hole of misery and despair to all who follow him. To be his sidekick is one of the worst fates I can think of since you're essentially partnered with an emotionally stunted manchild as your boss. Seriously, Superman and Martian Manhunter are aliens and yet they're better examples of functioning human beings than Bruce is.

    DC's actions have also retroactively made Bruce's fate in Batman Beyond much oh so satisfyingly cathartic. His loved ones that likely didn't die due to old age realized that a relationship with Bruce is just not worth and left him to rot and his career as Batman ended with a whimper. He actually suffered irreversible consequences due to his jerkish behavior.

  2. If Bruce would put half as much effort into being a decent mentor and father figure as he does into obsessively coming up with "improvements" and such to the bat cave, they would all be a Lt better off.