Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Donna Troy's Origin?

It's been confusing for awhile but the new one still doesn't make sense.


The new 52 take was Donna Troy recently being created out of clay (which used to be Queen Hippolyta due to Hera's curse.)  

Titans Hunt had all the Titans remembering Donna from their days as kid superheroes. But according to the Annual and Wonder Woman herself that's not the truth. The clay origin is. What? Diana claims they gave Donna false memories to make her more stable. 

That doesn't fit for who Diana is or the fact she's currently upset over her own fake memories. It's wouldn't just be a lie for Donna but all of the Titans. 

Not to mention it makes no sense as the New 52 Wonder Woman origins are no longer canon. Diana never went home so Donna couldn't have been made out of the clay of Queen Hippolyta. That was a different Hippolyta that wasn't the real. So what's the truth? I think it'll be awhile before DC settles on one. Since Diana herself is trying to figure out her own origins this plot is more than a little iffy.


  1. I honestly have never understood the plethora of origins for Donna. Each more bizarre than the last.

  2. Same. I just wanted her to be Diana's sister. Does DC think that would make Diana less special? Have her be adopted like she originally was. Or go to man's world to find her sister. Something simple.