Monday, March 27, 2017

Short Review: Green Arrow #18

Another take on how Roy Harper met Ollie Queen.


There's a mix of origins starting off with Winick's thief Roy. I never had a problem with this take and it's a nice parallel between Jason and him. This time Ollie catches Roy himself and instead of jail he takes the kid to his place. This leads to Roy discovering Ollie's secret ID. I did like Lobdells' take on the secret being one of the things that created a wedge between them but I like this take too. The previous one had to work with the idea that they were only business partners. This brings back the sidekick angle.

We learn that Ollie still makes insanely hot (possibly horribly tasting) chili, Roy was raised on a tribe hence where he gained his archery skills and he was already drinking before he met Ollie. The New 52 tech genius take is still in place giving Roy credit for creating all of the trick arrows. Roy was Speedy because he was a fast talker.

He lived on a Reservation with a foster/adopted father and brothe he refers to as "Bird." It really makes me wonder if the nickname he gave Jason, "Jaybird", has even more meaning. His brother doesn't seem to like Roy in the family portrait and definitely doesn't in present since he claims Roy killed their dad. Roy doesn't remember what happened that night.

Having to deal with militia called "The Wild Dogs" based on Wild Dog (of course) they find themselves too busy to finish their conversation. Ollie arrives and Roy is less than pleased to see him. He claims the whole thing is Ollie's fault. The symbol of Queen Industries on the pipe line seems to imply he's right.

It was good to see Roy again and get more on his new backstory. I love the idea of Roy having a brother, it could potentially add a lot of depth. I haven't examined the new Arsenal costume previously but it seems to be partly based on Dick's New 52 Robin costume. The torso ribbing and the arrow on his belt pointing to his crotch are just as distracting on him as they were on Dick.


  1. Crotch arrows are just... over-compensation.

  2. Yeah, this trend needs to stop.