Sunday, February 26, 2012

Green and Gold?

I was wondering if Jurgens was planning on making Booster and Guy unlikely friends. Not really Blue and Gold like buds but more of a bickering duo. I always thought they'd get along pretty well if they understood each other better. They even share similar backrounds with horrible father figures and football. I do agree with Batman that Guy will be willing to follow him if he proves himself a capable leader. Unlike other leaders that embarrassed him in front of the team (Batman) Booster gives him credit.


  1. I've always been fond of Booster and Guy. While Guy and Ted had their problems, Guy and Booster did manage to actually get along pretty well, all things considered. As you say, they have a fair amount in common.

    But now we're back to Guy being a jerk for the hell of it apparently, and needling Booster. Of course, they don't have the history together anymore either, which makes me sad. But I would love it if they manage to work out their differences...because once Guy decides that you are worthy of his have it forever.

  2. Me too. That's why I was sad to see Guy getting annoyed with him in the relaunch. I thought it was pretty telling that while they weren't the best of buds they were always there for each other.

    I can understand it with Guy being someone who finally has his due in GL then seeing Booster effortless get a respected position just for PR. But to be fair even in the Blue and Gold arc in Booster Gold Guy scoffed at the idea of Booster leading them. He might have liked Booster then but I don't think he earned leadership respect quite yet.

  3. Guy Gardner is the ONLY Green Lantern in my book. That said, his ego is unparalleled, and it will take a lot of proof for him to accept anyone giving him orders. I think it is natural that if there is a "new" team, Gardner would bristle at ANYONE being named leader before him. He's openly challenged Batman and Superman in the past, so why shouldn't he have a problem with a Booster Gold he hasn't worked with before? I look forward to the day when he accepts Booster Gold as a capable teammate.

  4. It makes a certain amount of sense from Guy's point of view anyway. He IS in the Honor Guard of the Green Lanterns,which is a thumping great honor incidentally (Hal's not!). He's worked hard to be taken seriously, at least by other Green Lanterns, and he's used to a certain degree of competency.

    So I can see why he's looking sideways at Booster. Which will hopefully make it all the sweeter, when Booster proves that he DOES have the goods.