Tuesday, January 21, 2014

April Solicits! Finally!

Thoughts under the cut. 

Batman Eternal #1-4

Nothing has grabbed me about this enough for it to be a must have. I might get it in trade later but to be honest most of my interest was killed with Tynion being one of the writers. After his run on RHATO I'm not eager to read anything with his name on it.
Nightwing #30
As I said above I'm not getting it because of Tynion being part of it but it sounds like it would have been something I'd normally get because of the bat family mention. And this is the final issue? Maybe it will get a reboot some time down the line. No I don't think their kill Dick.
Supergirl #30
I'm just mentioning this because of the cover. It's nice to see Kenneth Rocafort art, I think it makes Guys' new look work. Now if he could just do Booster Gold art.
Red Hood and the Outlaws #30
So Roy was kidnapped which is why he wasn't mentioned in the last solicit. I have no idea what to expect with the new writer or Agents of S.H.A.D.E. but it's nice to look forward to the series again. I guess Kori is going back to the Rocafort designed top despite her action figure reflecting the later design. Oh and Jason is currently the only Robin (at least from this Earth) alive and with a title. Gotta love irony.
Batman and Wonder Woman #30
Bruce, you need to stop pissing everyone off. Just tell them the plan and their actually help you out.
Birds of Prey #30
This cover kills me. Look at the goofy ass expression on Ra's face then the apparently sexy times with the skeletons in the upper corners. If you didn't know Ra's backstory what would you think was going on? It looks like he's trying to hard to hit on an uninterested Dinah.
Batgirl #30
Ragdoll makes a return? Interesting, I wonder how long Simone has been trying to make this happen.
Green Lantern #30
Is it just me or is Hal really awkward in a weapon based battle to the death? He looks like one of those kids hopping up and down trying to look badass by yelling and uselessly thrusting his weapon in the air. Meanwhile he's going to get his head chopped off from behind.
"So why has he volunteered to fight without his ring?" Because he's Hal Jordan and he's made a career out of spur of the moment dumb choices?
Red Lanterns #30
Just give Krypto a ring and he'll take out Dex-Star! Come on Guy use your head! Or hell, G'nort!
Secret Origins #1

I don't see this lasting long. I know that there are some that like origins or even just newcomers that are curious. But at $4.99 with origins that have already been revealed? I might have been interested in this one if it was marked down more and had a different writer doing the Dick Grayson story. I just really hated Nightwing #0.

You know the only thing I know I'm getting in April is RHATO and the action figures I liked in previous posts which are being released in July. I think there's a Darkhorse series still coming out but other than that no other comics.

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