Saturday, January 25, 2014

Golden Cameos: The New Teen Titans # 29 & 30

Technically Booster Gold appeared in one page in 29 but I'll sum up what's been going on.


Summary of the story so far:

Brother Blood and his people staged a fake resurrection to gain power. To do this they used Raven and drugged Nightwing to make him a follower. The rest of the Titans tried to peer pressure Wally Wests' then girlfriend Frances Kane/Magenta into joining their cause even though she hates the life style. Seriously that section made the Titans look bad. They try relating to her as a fellow freak (Cyborgs' term) then Wally sounds like he's trying to guilt her into helping. I'm not surprised she ended up crying. The only extra hands they have are Robotman and Robin Jason Todd. Jason once again manages to be one of the cooler heads in his Titan team up. Nearly everyone else is lashing out over Ravens' mother Arella dying when Jason actually checks. And guess what, Arella didn't die. Why do people say Jason was a bad Robin again? He's the only one on the team that actually did the obvious and one of the few that didn't jump into the fight. Anyway he stays behind to take care of her while the others confront Blood.

None of them can get through to Dick or Raven setting them up for pain at the hands of BB. Nightwing makes a statement on tv condemning the Titans' actions. Seeing how bad things are Fran dons her Magenta costume and calls in some heroes to help her save the Titans. When she asks if they are all willing to save the Titans or die trying , Booster answers: "Of course."

Overall: I liked it for the most part but there were some things that stood out in a bad way. The retro talk which is one of the draw backs from reading these old issues. Still it's expected. Changeling (Beast Boy) is written in a way that never fail to annoy me. It's hard to pinpoint why, it's never enough to make me hate him just irritate. But even Changeling didn't irk me as much as Kory talking about Dick 99% of the time. I know he's missing but it's like watching the 90s X-Men cartoon where Cyclops wouldn't shut up about Jean. You know they want you to know the characters love each other but it gets to the point you don't want to hear it anymore. If later books didn't turn me off to the pairing this would. As for Boosters' brief appearance this took place during his short hair/cape period. I found it interesting that he's the only he answered. Maybe because he's new and doesn't have a legacy he felt he needed to prove his worth. Batman likely thought it was a stupid question since both Dick and Jason are in trouble.

 Title: "Revolution"

As far as cameos go this one doesn't do much for Booster. For some reason Superman is now part of the heroes but as soon as innocents are endangered they split up to protect them leaving a distressed Magenta alone. After gathering her courage she saves the Titans by herself but is left to take care of the drugged Nightwing.

Jason shows Raven how cruel Blood is by revealing Arella. Raven heals her but nevertheless goes back to Blood. He orders her to kill them. End of the book.

Overall: It's a decent read but the cameos of Booster and the others were pretty pointless. I also find it hard to believe that Batman wouldn't try leaving with Magenta to find his boy wonders. I liked Magenta so it's sad to hear what happens to her later on down the line. There's not much going on with the main Titans. That's not a bad thing unless you want the leads to do more. Since I liked seeing the focus being on others I didn't mind. If you're reading for Booster this is a easy miss since he's barely in it. I didn't expect Jason Todd to be in these issues and even though he had a small part he managed to be one of best things about this arc.

Did You Notice?: Booster hair magically grew between issues into his early volume 1 hair do!

Where did Robotman go?


  1. Booster's hair may be his greatest super power.

  2. It might explain why Rips' kept changing colors in vol. 2.