Thursday, January 2, 2014

Possible Cliff Chiang style Wonder Woman line?

Because Orion is getting his figure.

Go to the 6:52 mark to see 52 Orion.

EDIT: This wasn't the big reveal on the 1st (that was Arkham Clayface so my guesses were way off.) This video was released just before the New Year.


  1. I...I like it!

    Of course I still think that Orion is being written as Guy Gardner, which satisfies my secret longing for Beau Smith's desire to pair up Guy and Diana.

    Yeah, I'm weird. But that's a nice Orion figure.

  2. From what I've seen Orion is more jerky Guy than his usual self. At least in what I've read of him.

    It really is, some artist styles don't transfer well to action figures but this one does. A Wonder Woman figure in this style should be amazing.