Friday, January 17, 2014

Finished Jason Todd/Robin Case

I showed the construction of most of the case here. Time passed and I realized I never posted the finished product. So for anyone that's interested here a pic of it complete with the costume.

I said this before but I don't like the rehash of Dick Graysons' pixie booted and scaly underwear Robin suit being Jasons' costume too. It never made sense to me and made it whole thing feel creepy. Like Bruce really was just forcing Jason to be someone else. In most canon he didn't even like the costume in the first place. Since I prefer the new 52 look I cobbled together various pieces and painted it. I used clear plastic to connect the gloves and mask to the body.

I also put in a light to shine above the costume. But my camera won't allow me to take a picture of that without the flash lighting everything up to the point the light is moot.

I'm already working on another project but who knows I might be up for others.


  1. This is amazingly fabulous! I am in awe of your miniature skills!

  2. Thank you. :D It's a hobby that I'm trying to improve on. You should see the work the professional customizers do.