Sunday, January 5, 2014

Booster Gold VOL. 1 tie ins and Crossovers

I'm not sure how many I'll do. I plan to take a look at the Superman/Booster Gold crossover and maybe Booster meeting Batman, John Stewart and others in Teen Titans. The last one barely factors into the BG series anyway. I'm unsure on Millennium because it's Millennium. When I was first collecting BG back issues I steered clear of it because it was so infamous. But I kinda feel that I need to go over it in order to explain how the series ends. It won't help in some respects--such as explaining the choice of the Manhunter--but it might be fun. I won't go over JLI because it'll take too long when I mainly want to focus on the main BG series.

Since I'm feeling nostalgic for time travel stories I plan on doing these reviews for a bit although they won't always feature Booster. Although Rip will show up in all the ones I'm thinking of even if he's not one of the main characters. I miss my time travelers.  


  1. Millenium is wonderfully magnificently...awful. It's really pretty terrible, and I mean that in a good way. It can be a whole lot of fun, if you are a bit drunk to begin with.

    Gosh, I sniggered through the entire thing.

  2. Back when it came out, I remember feeling like MILLENNIUM was supposed to be a capital-"I" Important that failed to make its point. All these years later, it now strikes me that the book has no point: a pretentious comic book story that wanted to be something that it was incapable (either due to artistic, editorial, or media limitations) of actually achieving. It probably owes more to the zeitgeist of selling "mature" comics to the emerging direct market than any attempt to tell a compelling or relevant story.

    Whatever your opinion is of MILLENNIUM, it is impossible to discuss the demise of BOOSTER GOLD v1 without referencing it, as BGv1 sadly doesn't end on its own terms but on MILLENNIUM's.

  3. Sally: Yeah I think it might be enjoyable in the "it's so bad it's entertaining" way. That's why I kinda want to do it.

    Boosterrific: Which is another reason I feel I have to do it. Editorial stories still happen and their still bad but after some of the books I read last year? It might be more enjoyable. Or just interesting to compare. Logically I think I should review it but then again it's Millennium. That alone is a reason to hesitate.