Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Batman Detective Comics #27

I forgot about this one.


The Case of the Chemical Syndicate: This story doesn't feel like it's needed. If it's a reimagined story for the origin of the Joker it's the most lackluster one I've seen. The duo of text boxes is pretty excessive and at times makes it sound like Batman has another voice in his head.

Old School: This was a lot of fun to read. I loved how many jokes were slipped in about comics through out the ages and even a nod to the 60s tv show. It doesn't take it's self seriously and that's one of the reasons it was one of my favorite stories.

Better Days: This was a harmless but rather silly story with an older bat family celebrating Bruces' 75th birthday. Tomasi doesn't seem to like Jason as part of the family although this seems to take place in the old 'verse based on the costumes. Slightly better than the Chemical Syndicate story but this really didn't add anything groundbreaking. Most of it we've seen before. Old Batman, Barbara being the Commissioner, Damian being Batman (yet their surprised to hear stories about Batman saving people?) with the slight twist that their all still close. I'm amused that Dick looks younger than Tim and Damian.

Hero: Very short but the art sells it so well. Creepy in ways the new 52 hasn't been with this character with just a couple of panels.

Sacrifice: The overly explanatory dialogue and the lack of insight on the rest of the bat family are the only minor points against this story. I really liked it especially the touches with Ra's Al Ghul and the mention to Dick Grayson.

Gothtopia: This the best story in the issue. It's interesting and does something different than the standard "this is your life Batman" vibe most of these stories have. I might get the trade for Gothtopia when it's collected. Nice to see someone doing something fun with the other bat members.

Twenty Seven: This wasn't badly written but this is not how I see Batman. At all. Clones or creating Batmen isn't what Bruce does. It's usually what the bad guys do. Amanda Waller tried to make her own Batman in Batman Beyond. The Al Ghuls have clones of Damian. This suggests that Bruce doesn't trust others to carry on his legacy and thinks only he can ever do anything of worth. I don't agree with a lot of Snyders' viewpoints on the mythos but this is the biggest hell no.

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