Wednesday, January 8, 2014

DC has Streampunk Variants

My favorite is the Batwoman cover but there are some cool designs here.


  1. Steampunk is starting to annoy me, mainly because all of the women are portrayed as wearing corsets...on the outside.

    The men aren't shown wearing their underwear in public!

  2. I've seen some good ones that have women wearing things other than corsets. I kinda like the idea of steampunk but I've never been into it as much as others. Maybe if there was a good comic that used it I'd like it more.

    That was the reason I was always annoyed with the Hellfire Club in X-Men. Either make it hyper sexual for both genders or make both wear time period clothing.

  3. Legenderry by Bill Willingham has just started and is a steampunk version of some of the Dynamite characters (Vampirella, Green Hornet, Red Sonja) and seems promising. It's only 6 or 7 issues, I think; issue 1 wasn't a bad start.

    Oh and Joe Benitez's Lady Mechanika has absolutely stunning art but it looks like it's never going to get finished - #3 was out two years ago and still no sign of #4.

  4. I do remember some posts mentioning it. Maybe I'll give it a try in trade form. Willingham is sort of hit or miss with me.